Fun with color - Prince Charming
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Anonymous asked: Draw Gavin in lingerie!x


No and fuck off

Anonymous asked: You have nice colection


Collection? Do you mean that post with all the transformers figures? Cuz it’s not mine (sadly) I just reblogged it from somebody else. I WISH it was, though!! The only TFP figure I own in Starscream, and I have the tiny chibi figures of Bulkhead, Optimus, and Ratchet. uwu

why did this post to my art blog??? idk

philosophy & values ask meme


♞ : Does your muse have a strict honor code?
♧ : Is fate something your muse believes in?
✍ : Have your muse say what their motto in life is (or if they don’t have one, have them think about it).
⚁ : Does your muse agree that “fortune favors the brave”?
✞ : Is your muse religious? Which religion do they follow, if any?
☁ : Nietzsche said that “hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man”. How does your muse feel about that?
⚖ : Does your muse believe in reincarnation? An afterlife?
✌ : Is your muse a pacifist? To what degree?
♛ : If your muse were a ruler, how would they use their power?
❤ : Plato said that “love is a serious mental disease”. What does your muse think of that?
☞ : Would your muse call out someone who does something bad on a busy street?
♫ : Lots of philosophers talk about the significance of music. What does music mean to your muse?
♡ : Would your muse sacrifice themselves or their time/money to help someone else in need? Or would they mind their own business?
✿ : Does your muse feel a strong connection to any of the seasons? Why?
✧ : What does your muse think the meaning of life is?

This would actually be pretty neat to answer for any of my OCs…

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